What is green energy?

green energy

Increasingly frequent use of the term green electricity, which immediately we associate with renewable energy, with more consumers aware of sustainability and environmental care.

Throughout the European Community, and therefore also in Spain, there is a mechanism called Guarantees of Origin System and Labelling of Electricity for which an official regulatory body in Spain the National Commission on Competition and Markets (CNMC) provides producers of renewable electricity than request a certification of kWh produced in a year. This is what is known as Guarantees of Origin (GDOS).

These Guarantees of Origin can be transferred to the trading companies in order to justify its electricity is green. We can consider that the system is safe because officials are concerned agencies scoring each transfer certificates to avoid double counting.

It is important to note that these guarantees can be, along with renewables, give technologies such as high efficiency cogeneration and waste incineration.

These certificates allow the traceability of green electricity.

So far it seems easy the issue of green electricity but it is well known that the electrical system does not store electricity but comes at the same time it is consumed.

To get an idea of what we speak, we can think of the wholesale market and in a huge container where all the power plants that produce energy poured and in which traders buy it and then sell to their customers. Once the energy has entered the network is indistinguishable, you can not differentiate from renewable sources from which it is not.

They represent various plants producing electricity based on renewable energy, which overturned the wholesale market as much energy as that there for your customers buying consumers.

This company sells electricity in Spain for both domestic customers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). If you decide to hire green electricity for your company or business you will soon find objective reasons why we should support the development of renewable energies.

We can see that in recent years the policy makers, either by way of what is known as Corporate Social Responsibility or perhaps less formal plans have a greater presence in the business strategy of SMEs.

Issues such as respect for the environment, participation in work or jointly and initiatives, the promotion of social integration, or the already mentioned incorporation of green energy, are increasingly present in the company, where besides providing added value and distinguish it from the competition, you are supposed in the economic sphere considerable savings.

It is therefore in the hands of companies and individuals involved in the paradigm shift which is usually consume only the power necessary to worry about the renewable sources of it, involving all participants, whether within the company or home, on a different development model, capable of meeting current needs without compromising the resources and possibilities of future generations.

We hope our readers have ecointeligentes evidence to choose a responsible energy supplier and thus contribute their bit to consume green electricity.

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