Types of Windows by opening form

Types of Windows by opening form

The windows have evolved a lot these days and that is seen in large buildings and houses that hold all various types of windows of all shapes and sizes. The window is one of the architectural elements that brings more personality to a house or building.

The type of window has been installed in a building must be aware of the activities taking place in each space, and the type of furniture that will stand.

For example, if under the window, place the sofa, we must avoid the sort of window where it enters into space, as if it is open it could hinder us.

Types of windows according to opening:

A window is not only an element to bring light and views to a room.

It can also define the shape thereof, provide an architectural focal point, and allow to provide ventilation emergency escape exit.

To serve different needs, windows are produced in a wide range of types and sizes, each of which works differently. There are different types of windows according to opening. Some of the most common types are:

Casement windows or practicable:

It is a window composed of one or more sheets that open to the side. It is a convenient and easy window, you do not need a great maintenance and can be easily cleaned.

It offers excellent ventilation and light and you can fully open.

Pivoting window or Tilt:

It is a type of window that opens swinging on a horizontal or vertical axis in the center of the frame. It provides luminosity, it is relatively easy to clean, but takes up space to be open.

This type of window has the advantage of regulating the amount of ventilation and sound, in addition to balancing the temperature level within the enclosure.

Tilt window sill:

It is windows, usually in carpentry, whose structure allows open them both oscillating mode, as in swing mode.

The advantages of the Tilt and turn windows that reside primarily in these two systems to coexist opening that allows air out folding easily and swing, is a direct contact with the outside and greatly facilitates cleaning.

Projected or Projected window:

It is a type of windows is widely used in offices and curtain walls.

The open opening projecting outwardly from the base, with fixing on top, allowing air to circulate freely while maintaining a unique protective barrier that keeps the rain out.

This type of openings usually call also swing and accustom to have a good sound attenuation and good thermal response and sunscreen.

Sash window:

The sash is made of two sheets, only the bottom of which is mobile with vertical sliding allowing a free flow of air. This type of window offers a maximum aperture for ventilation of half the area of the window.

By restricting the functionality of the top sheet, it helps improve the thermal performance and sound attenuation.

Sliding windows:

It is a type of window divided into two panes able to move horizontally on one another. This window occupies the same space as closed. It is difficult to clean on the outside, very suitable for windows or doors that do not allow for opening encounter obstacles like furniture or curtains that do not practice its movement.

Latticed windows or Salomonic:

Are traditional and well-known aluminum windows with blinds of glass or aluminum, for mass use in the construction of residences economic.

Its name refers to its functionality and versatility, since its lattice can be adjusted to its opening as required by the user or determined by the weather, with the advantage that the gap is always closed and secure.

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