5 Modern Trends in kitchen design

5 Modern Trends in kitchen design

The kitchens of the past functioned largely as utilitarian spaces whose only purpose was to prepare meals. These days however, the kitchen has become the center of the house where the design of these is as important as the act of cooking them.

Over the years, the designers have been able to optimize the functioning of these important areas while keeping in tune with the latest trends in kitchen design.

Modern Trends in Kitchen Design

Here are some ideas that you can apply when remodeling your kitchen.

1. Kitchen with minimalist design

The key word to describe the contemporary cuisine is simplicity. For example, kitchen cabinets and drawers with recessed handles offer elegant design. Gone are the days of using cabinets with intricate and detailed designs. Modern cabinets are elegant and simple at the same time and as a bonus, they are easier to clean.

2. Crystal Dashboards or Splashbacks

These days it is giving much attention to the dashboard or kitchen splashbacks. These come in a variety of colors to match any kitchen decor. The idea of a dashboard is to protect the wall behind the cooktop. This is not the only protection, but also protects the wall from heat damage.

The two main reasons for caterers and professional chefs use as dashboard glass plates is that they are the best option as far as hygiene is concerned, it is easy to clean and disinfect, besides being very strong and durable.

3. Stainless steel appliances

Worldwide, there are some trends that stand the test of time. The d kitchen appliances and stainless steel have been popular for a long time between homeowners and fit perfectly in any modern kitchen design.

The stainless steel appliances are more efficient today than ever, offer enhanced features and add class and style to almost any type of cuisine.

4. Integrated Devices

Instead of installing kitchen appliances with room, many homeowners are choosing to create special work areas in the kitchen where they are integrated.

For example, refrigerators plateau below are great space savers and can be designed together with your desk or even inside a kitchen island. Small cargo dishwasher, wine cabinets and other devices can be integrated easily into a kitchen with the right design.

5. Social Space

The kitchens have become a gathering place for family members and guests. Instead of putting the kitchens in enclosed spaces, many homeowners are adding living area to kitchen to be more sociable space

Another option is to remove the walls between the kitchen and the living room. This creates a more open environment where those who prepare meals can socialize with guests or family members.

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