Three curious inventions to curb climate change

Three curious inventions to curb climate change

Three curious inventions to curb climate change

Finding a solution to climate change is not just a matter of reducing emissions. While it is necessary to limit them, most likely insufficient.

To prevent global temperatures from rising more than two degrees famous turn of the century is necessary carbon capture one way or another. But, how?

The answers given geo-engineering and other scientific disciplines are still in diapers. Numerous projects under development.

In many cases, moreover, solutions are proposed whose implementation involves risks and often there is a lack of studies to help understand the real consequences.

In the future, with the passage of time and not infrequently, also with the necessary investments, inventions will probably remain viable. Who knows, though time and plays against perhaps they end up being the solution to the problem of climate change.

Burying CO2

To curb global warming, in fact, not enough to stop emissions of greenhouse gases. According to a new study published in the journal Nature, but reducing emissions is essential to not exceed two degrees, it will be “necessary support capture technologies,” they conclude.

The researchers, reputable climate scientists as P. T. Gasser or Ciais, encourage investment in these technologies to reduce the “negative” emissions affect those who quit thanks to his capture and storage.

Inventions that seek to reduce negative emissions perform the same function now performed natural sinks such as forests, the ocean or, for example, the permafrost, the absorption capacity may decrease dramatically.

Not only that, since it is possible that loss of absorption capacity will lead to a release of emissions into the atmosphere as a result of melting, for instance.

Three curious inventions to curb climate change

When capturing bury greenhouse gases underground is one of the best known solutions. Basically, this catch carbon dioxide and other gases before they end up being emitted to the atmosphere.

Once captured are mixed with water vapor, and buried. Of course, not superficially, but by pumping underground about 500 meters deep.

This is how CO2 sinks filled, according to scientists at the University of Iceland, are perfectly viable are created.

So it has been, at least when they have conducted experiments using basalt powder to simulate the underground processes.

If we mineralize CO2 would be required about five years, they explain.

Sprinkle diamond dust

That to stop climate change with diamond dust thing more like tale.

However, it is a serious proposal Weisenstein, Dykema and Keith, three experts from Harvard unapologetic when it comes to proposing solutions as strange.

A study published in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics concludes that it would be technically possible to combat climate change in the atmosphere scattering thousands of tons of dust of diamonds and aluminum oxide.

No one denies that get involve enormous costs and worked out today as practicable, while the consequences of their impact are unknown.

That is, this is a theoretical proposal that only works on paper, or what is the same, does not.

Although it would not be as expensive as cut diamonds. To get an idea, unlike them, the diamond dust is around 90 euros a kilo, but it makes sense that a project of this magnitude does not depend on market prices.

That is, it would be more affordable and would also have to know what this material reserves on Earth, the need for renewal and effects on ecosystems and human health are. Many questions, too …

Yet this impossibility is most common when geo engineering solutions to stop climate change is about. Still, according to the authors the proposal is interesting for the results it promises.

Posts to imagine its viability. What would get? Disseminate 450,000 tons of diamond powder and aluminum oxide or alumina, according to experts, would achieve the cooling of the planet. Specifically, a smaller loss of ozone, cooling of the atmosphere.

Volcanic eruptions

In addition, scientists say would cause less environmental damage than the dispersion of sulfates, other proposed geo engineering.

A statement that, in reality, is not based on reality, because the effects are unknown in the atmosphere of the spread of diamonds and alumina powder on such a large scale.

Finally, we mention the idea of lowering the planet’s temperature by wrapping the upper part of the atmosphere with sulfur particles.

According to the joint proposal from the University of Calgary, the University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon University, the best way to stop solar radiation is controlled with volcanic eruptions.

However, using for this purpose volcanoes still lacks instruction book. For now, just know that the creators of this idea proposed block some radiation hitting the planet, which in turn would be a darkening and a clear environmental impact, of course.

Investigate could clarify many doubts and move forward in terms of the techniques that could be employed. Or maybe it was even better to create a multi billion fund to develop other ideas. New ideas with less inconvenience.

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