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Important Pointers on What to Expect when You have a Granite Worktop

If you choose to have a granite worktop for your kitchen or bathroom, you are definitely not alone. An astonishing number of homeowners have chosen to have granite worktops simply because these kinds of worktops are laden with plenty of benefits – not just physical beauty and appeal, but practicality, strength, and functionality as well.

But what can you expect when you decide to have a granite worktop for your bathroom or kitchen? Let’s find out.

A wide selection of colours and patterns

Most of us have a particular colour or pattern in mind when trying to choose an ideal worktop. And, with granite, you don’t have to worry that you cannot find the colour or pattern you want – granite comes in a whole range of patterns and colours, from black to white to green, red, blue, and more. From dramatic shades to more muted, subtle colours, granite worktops have it all.

A lifetime worktop for your needs

There’s no doubt about it – granite worktops can indeed last for a very, very long time. Granite is known for its innate strength and durability, and it is a very good investment for your home (in fact, homes with granite worktops actually have better financial and re-sale value than homes with other types of worktops, such as laminate or wood).

If you opt for a granite worktop, you can count on being able to use it for decades. Not only is a granite worktop innately strong – it is heat- and stain-resistant as well, especially with careful use and the proper sealing. Your granite worktop will also be able to withstand plenty of wear and tear over time – a very good aspect if you have a large family or have small children or pets.

Regular sealing goes a long way

Although most granite worktops end up actually looking better over time, it is still important for you to make sure that your granite worktop is sealed regularly. Sealing is, in fact, a necessary chore if you are to enjoy your granite worktop for many years. For best results, seal your granite worktop twice a year; if not, once a year will be okay as well. Your granite worktop installer should be able to recommend a good sealing product for your worktop. The good news, though, is that sealing will not take up too much of your time – it can be done in minutes, and then you don’t have to worry about it for a few more months.

Granite is all-natural, giving your kitchen or bathroom a warm and beautiful look. And, since granite worktops are often bespoke, you can have whatever theme or design you have in mind. When it comes to a huge selection of high quality granite worktops, you should look no further than granite worktop specialists such as J.R. Stone.


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