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Invest In Green Floors – Turn Your Home into an Environmentally Friendly Sanctuary

Choosing a flooring plan for your new residence can be tricky, since it’s a long-term investment. Do you plan on having a carpet? Did you know that carpets can provide serious risk to health in long-term use due to the nature of their fabric and the fact that they store germs and bacteria unlike any other flooring plan? How about opting for a more eco-friendly option like wooden flooring?

Did you know that opting for an eco-friendly, easily manageable flooring system decreases the level of toxicity in your home and also lowers the level of environmental footprint you leave behind? The benefits of having a wooden, “green” floor are ranging from aesthetics and longevity, to overall health and eco-friendliness of your residence which will greatly benefit your children and any house animals you might have; eco equals green and green means energy efficiency and long-term thinking. So what are some of the floors you might opt for when deciding to go green?

Wooden floor

When talking “green” we usually mean “no trees were harmed”, but by opting for state-certified wooden flooring made under strict supervision, you can track the forest from which the wood was made from and that way make sure that no life-cycle has been damaged and no ecological disasters have happened so that you can have your wooden flooring. Hardwood is beautiful, easy to maintain but easily scratched if you’re not careful, so think about the appliance first before installing it.

Bamboo floor

This one is up there with hardwood, but bamboo might be what you’re looking for if you’re into eco-friendliness of your home. It’s become the next best thing when it comes to flooring offering a versatile and sustainable form of flooring at a reasonable price. Bamboo is considered to be a rapidly growing source of wood and this makes it perfect when opting for a green flooring because of the fact that it regenerates itself as fast as the flooring is being made; ranging from three to seven years to grow to full maturity, which is tremendous when considering how much it takes for regular oak wood to grow.

Earth floor

You’ve seen these in movies and TV, but what about in your own home? A mix of clay and sand is all it takes to make your residence one of a kind. Earth flooring becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it’s extremely cost-efficient; and how could it not be? It comes down to personal preference however, since it’s as close to eco-friendly as you can get, and also as far from “standard” as you can get. Go for it if you’re feeling close to nature and are willing to look up contractors which are few and far in-between for now, since it’s a pretty new way of going green.

Rubber flooring systems

Rubber flooring systems are excellent in people’s homes. Rubber is affordable, waterproof, shock-proof, soft, and extremely durable. You can have rubber flooring tiles installed in your kid’s bedroom to avoid injuries during falls, and rubber mats around the house to make the place looking modern and chic, but without compromising the quality of the air.

Cork floor

“Walking over pockets of air” is as close definition to cork flooring as you can get. Cork absorbs noise and it’s extremely water resistant; it can last much longer than vinyl flooring options and it’s easy to install even by doing it yourself. It’s made out of bark of oak trees which is why you can feel like walking on a slightly spongy surface when walking across it, which also tells you that it’s eco-friendly since all it takes to make it is the bark of the tree.

Choosing which flooring materials and plans are for you is a thing of personal taste. Bear in mind that once you put the flooring in place, it will be a long time until you can (or have the need) change it or renovate. Any of these options is perfectly nature-friendly and comfortable to have around; especially since we’re living in an age where going back in time to something like earth flooring is preferable to splurging around and damaging our planet with expensive furniture that speaks of how many trees and forests were cut down just for it to arrive at the store window.

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