4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Make your Home Safe for Pets

Your pets are your babies and you want to treat them like it! You’d do anything for them so you want to keep them safe and be as eco-friendly as possible. Being conscious of our choices is the only way to achieve that goal.

Costs can add up but there’s no price we can put on our pet’s health. We’re going to go over 4 eco-friendly ways to make your home as safe as possible for your furry friends. If the costs are adding up, don’t worry. Sites like ukhomeandpersonalloans.co.uk provide personal loans to pet owners in need. You don’t have to go it alone!

Switch your cleaning products

The biggest threats to our pet’s health are the drawers and cabinets we keep filled to the brim with toxic cleaning chemicals. These products are used on every surface of your home. This can lead to some awful side effects for pets that are exposed to them.

Look for brands that produce all natural cleaning products that won’t harm you and your family. These are often the best options for your pets too. Making the switch will make you feel much better and you won’t have to worry about your pet finding their way into the cleaning closet. You know they will!

Buy responsibly produced food

We feed ourselves like kings. Do the same for your pets and great health will be the beginning to a long happy life.

Search for brands that have good quality ingredients. Corn, sugars, and wheat products are found in most commercial dog foods and have been found to be terrible for their diet. A great ingredient list starts with meats that provide proteins and fats to your pets. The best brands also do extensive lab research on the effects of the diet on pets. Keep an eye out for them and spoil your pets with the best.

Get a grass patch

Your pet’s mental health is just as important as its physical health. Lives spent mostly indoors, while sometimes the only option, can be very taxing on your little loved ones. Grow grass on your balconies and porches for your pets to enjoy.

Grass patches can also be used indoors instead of disposable pee pads for pets who suffer from small bladders and incontinence. Removing all the waste of disposable products is ideal for eco-friendly living. They’ll enjoy the feel of the outdoors on their paws as they relieve themselves as naturally as possible.

Ditch the plastic poop bags

Train your dog to use a specific spot for his poops where they won’t bother a single soul. You’ll save money and the Earth by not using disposable plastic with each poop you scoop up. If the average dog poops twice a day, that’s over 600 bags that will struggle to break down.

If you try to be conscious of littering and waste, this is the only responsible solution to the problem of poopy bags. Your pet will gain a sense of confidence in his newfound spot and you’ll be the best owner in the neighborhood by leaving your pets poo undisturbed.

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