5 Eco-Friendly Cars You Should Know About

Saying that you don’t care about the environment is definitely not a PC thing to say in New York, but that doesn’t mean that you show your concern through the car you purchase. Whether you have space concerns and want an SUV or minivan or if you just can’t afford to upgrade your car to something more eco-friendly, we understand. However, you can still learn about eco-friendly options, both good and not-so-good, that are on the market today. Some of these cars might just help our world from bursting into flames.

  1. The Toyota Prius

Unofficially known as the state car of California, this car has persevered for years in the minds of people who want to give the world a little more love. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it gets excellent gas mileage, so drivers don’t have to feel like their slaves to oil wars and international trade deals. One thing is for sure, the latest models of the Prius line of cars have definitely diverged from the original design, and we’re not so sure we love its new look.

  1. The Chevy Volt

Chevrolet has been through some bumps in the road in its run. After being on top and then falling a bit below their standard mark to foreign cars, they’ve come back with a bit of a vengeance. The new Volt gets about 40 miles on pure electricity alone, so that’s about enough to make it to work and back without ever having to buy a single gallon, and then you can simply recharge it for the next day. It gets 420 miles overall if you do combine electric and gas for major road trips. While charging stations may be a bit scarce where you live, some states (we’re looking at you again California) have made it a point to make them more common.

  1. Ford C-Max

Just to switch it up a little bit, we’re bringing you the C-Max. Ford has made some huge strides in the Focus department, and they’re still relevant in today’s demanding world. However, this one doesn’t look it’s going to be tearing up the charts anytime soon. The car is a hybrid but actually gets slightly worse gas mileage than its gas-fueled counterparts. Its electric component will only take you about 20 miles, a sad, sad 50% of the Chevy. On the flip side, you probably will not have to worry about getting a speeding ticket.

  1. The Smart Car

Seemingly everywhere and then nowhere just as suddenly, the Smart Car got a lot of looks for its teeny tiny size and odd-looking, pod-like design. Easy to park (and perhaps just as easy to crumple into a ball should there be an accident), this car has to make our list because the highway mileage is close to 70 mpg.

  1. Honda Civic Natural Gas

It’s been a bit of a road for natural gas cars in terms of getting them into the hands of American consumers, but it actually boasts a better score than the Prius when it comes to saving the world. At about 36 mpg, the car uses a more cost-effective form of fuel through Compressed Natural Gas.

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