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Go green with your mattress! How your present one may slowly be killing you

The term go green can be viewed from different perspectives and the meaning varies from an individual member of the society to another, depending on the way or the extent to which they wants to carry on a green lifestyle. To some people, jumping into a completely green lifestyle or ways of living is possible. While this sentiment is a very good one, they might end up encountering one problem or the other in time to come. However, since it might be virtually impossible to convert to a green lifestyle at once, it is of utmost importance that one makes a few changes at a time. However, to go green goes beyond mere recycling. Going green simply means to live as an individual member of the society in such a way that is friendly to the environment naturally and is sustainable to the earth. Furthermore, it involves contributing positively towards the maintenance of the natural ecological balance in one’s environment. Our natural environment is a major concern these days and this also holds true for our mattresses too. Mattresses are made from both organic and inorganic materials. However, individual members of the society are being encouraged by health personnel and experts to go for mattresses made from organic materials because of the series of health hazards that are associated with the use of those made from inorganic materials.


Health problems associated with chemicals used in mattresses

Most mattresses today are made from petroleum based chemicals, controversial flame retardants, foams, plastics amongst others. Unfortunately, these compounds are not stable and they continue to evaporate into the air and are being inhaled by the person sleeping on the bed. Research has shown that people who sleep on mattresses made from inorganic materials become ill after exposure to these chemicals while sleeping. Moreover, sleeping on a chemically manufactured mattress places the individual very close to the chemical source. Some of these chemicals which are documented carcinogenic and mutagenic compounds and also petroleum based has been shown to have the ability of influencing the nervous and immune system of the body. Autoimmune disorders are also linked to too much exposure to petroleum based chemicals and are the causes of most common health issues and problems such as soft tissue damage, respiratory problems, asthma, skin irritations, cancer, organ and brain damage amongst others. If after purchasing a new mattressand you discover that you have any of these aforementioned health issues, it is pertinent that you discard it from your living area and go for a natural or organic one.

Going green with your mattress

In going green with mattress, one is advised to purchase those ones made from natural or organic materials such as rubber, wool, organic cotton, hemp amongst others. These mattresses are eco-friendly and these materials offer their particular advantages:

Natural rubber: Rubbers are naturally occurring elastic substances made from drying the sap of various tropical trees. Natural rubbers are sustainable, resistant and hypo-allergenic and offers good breathe ability that regulates the temperature of the room for increased comfort and also prevent the formation of mould thereby increasing wellness.

Organic wool: wool is breathable and highly resistant to dust mites. It is also regarded for its softness and insulating properties. Furthermore, it is also naturally fire- retardant.

Hemp: These are though fibers made from the stem of Asian plants. It is virtually the firmest and eco-friendly material used in the manufacture of mattresses.

Organic cotton: This material is soft and breathable and is often paired with natural latex. It is usually grown without pesticides and as such provides a chemical free-sleeping environment.

Buying an organic mattress

One might ask: why buy an organic mattress? Going green is not just helping our living environment- it also entails keeping ourselves happy and healthy. The human body is faced with lots of challenges such as poor night’s sleep, air pollution amongst others every day, and going green simply implies that people should not allow toxins in their environment to affect their body system. Going with this however, this can mean doing something as simple as you can to switch to using eco-friendly mattresses in your living room and also making profound changes in your life. It is paramount to know that what we sleep on affects us. Since the mattress is a long term investment in our health, general well being and comfort, individuals should purchase mattresses that are made from natural or organic materials that are cultivated without pesticides and are manufactured through chemical free processes.

However, organic mattresses are:

  • Organic in standard,
  • Not treated with chemicals and
  • Free from synthetic materials.

However, below are the benefits that one derives from buying organic mattresses: Durability: Organic mattresses do not break down quickly and as such have much longer life expectancy. They are made from natural organic textiles that are extremely durable and longer lasting. Wool is naturally elastic in nature and as such makes woolen fabrics resistant to tearing. Again, the chemical structure of wool goes a long way in preventing the mattress from compressing.

Sustainable: The components of organic mattresses are extremely renewable and have a very low impact on the planet. However, according to a research carried out by the Organic Trade Association, the production of organic materials helps to replenish and also maintains the soil fertility and also helps in building an ecologically diverse agricultural system. Furthermore, it is pertinent to know that organic mattresses are both biodegradable and also sustainable.

Comfort ability: Apart from providing comfort, organic mattresses are also healthy for the environment and general well being of individuals. They are also elastic and as such helps in molding the body’s natural contours.

Chemical free: since organic materials aregrown, processed, and manufactured without synthetic chemicals, they are extremely free from chemicals that are hazardous to the health of individuals. This makes them to provide safer health for individuals that are suffering from cancer, brain or tissue damage, respiratory problems etc. Furthermore, since they are not dipped in abusive chemicals they are extremely beneficial to individuals who have allergies.

In summary, going green entails many things and it’s being viewed from different perspectives by different individuals. However, irrespective of the perspective that it’s being viewed from, one should not forget the fact that living in an eco-friendly environment equates him or her to living a healthy and comfortable life. And how does one live in a healthy room if the mattress is made from inorganic materials? Furthermore, people should get the right orientation on the type, nature, quality and how durable the mattress they are about purchasing is. Irrespective of the cost, getting the ideal type of mattress for your room is of paramount importance as it will go a very long way to encourage your healthy and comfortable living.

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