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The Most Common Bees and Wasps That Could Nest on Your Property

Each spring and summer, most people look forward to the warmer temperatures, extra time to spend outside, and more opportunities for vacations. One aspect of this season that isn’t very appealing, though, is the increased number of flying insects around. Some of the worst flying insects to deal with on your property are stinging insects like bees and wasps. Here are the most common types of bees and wasps that are known to nest in or around homes.

Paper Wasps
The paper wasp is an insect that is approximately an inch long. This wasp is black and yellow or brown with black wings. Paper wasps are named after the characteristic nest that they make from plant material, resembling bits of paper. A paper wasp nest first appears as tiny tubes joined together. If the nest continues to expand, it could grow rather large. As it grows, it will take on a rounder shape along the area where it began. Paper wasps can be territorial and have a painful sting, so their nests should only be removed by a professional.

Yellow Jackets
Yellowjackets look similar to paper wasps, but they are significantly smaller. Usually, yellow jackets nest in the ground, but they have been known to build their nests in walls or up in hidden points in attics. Their nests may appear as a series of shaped tubes joined together. It’s important to not attempt to remove a yellow jacket’s nest by yourself, as these wasps can sting multiple times, which could trigger anaphylaxis in someone who is severely allergic.

Carpenter Bees
Another common flying insect that homeowners see in the late spring or early summer are carpenter bees. This type of bee looks like a large bumblebee, with a black body and a yellow thorax. While in most cases these bees aren’t aggressive enough to sting people, they can cause damage to wood surfaces around your home. This may lead to structural damage due to the bees constantly boring holes for nesting. If you spot these large bees hovering around your home, it may be time to call a company specializing in Pest & Termite Services for help.

Honey Bees
The next type of bee that is sometimes found on or in a property is the honey bee. This is the same bee that is often seen on flowers and lawns once the weather gets hot. Sometimes, honey bees get confused and start nesting in the walls of a home. When a honey bee nest is found, your pest services professional can take steps to safely remove the nest.

Mud Daubers
The last common wasp that you may find nesting around your property is a mud dauber. This is a wasp that uses mud to create a nest that resembles a series of tunnels. They often will make nests along tight spots, like next to a window or against the roof of your home. Like most other wasp species, it’s best to exercise caution when approaching these insects, as they could be territorial and dangerous.

If your home has a bee or wasp problem, avoid trying to remove nests by yourself. Instead, call a licensed professional to help rid your property of these nuisances.

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