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How Kings Cross Central Development is saving major amounts of energy

The 2014 project at Kings Cross central department was featured in Sustania’s top 100 innovative projects from around the world. Sustania is the global collaborative platform that communicates a sustainable future. They explore the sustainable society of tomorrow and the future.

So what I hear you ask gave Kings Cross top 100 innovative project status? Have you ever heard of Combined Heat and Power? Well this piece of energy technology is exactly what did it. Here’s a closer look at the technology and the awesome project.

What is CHP?

It is an energy saving technology that operates as a co-generation process. It functions by capturing wasted heat that is generated by electricity and then reuses it. It works by reducing waste energy through recycling heat that is usually rejected and added into the atmosphere. Correctly sized CHP produces the highest level of energy and maximises Co2 savings, which is great for the consumer and the environment.

Kings Cross Central Development

Back in 2014 the Kings Cross development, after several years of construction became one of the most ambitious urban transformations in Europe.  The 67 acre site delivers energy to around 20 new streets, 25 new office buildings, 10 new major public buildings, restoration and refurbishment of 20 historic buildings and a staggering 2000 homes!

The challenge and goal for the Kings Cross Central Development was to create a community with a long-term future that has minimal impact on the environment. The difficulty in the challenge was being able to provide an energy efficient site that was sustainable, without having to compromise on quality of living.

The aim was to cut carbon emissions by 50% and in a bid to achieve this, Vital Energi won the contract that installed 2,000 metres of pre-insulated pipes to connect the CHP fuelled central development. This technology has the lowest heat loss of any pipe due to its fusion welded joint system.

The central energy centre is in the heart of Kings Cross and provides 95% of heating/hot water and nearly 80% of the electricity to the development. Vital Energi worked in partnership with developers for six years and succeeded in reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 50%.

As well as this the project has saved around 5% of resident’s fuel bills, so you can see just how CHP really does save on the environment and your pocket. The project is now seen as exemplary and has attracted visitors from district heating researchers from as far as Canada and Finland.

This energy saving technology really does make for a greener environment, with lots more projects that you may not expect using this in order to do their bit to reduce carbon emissions, something we should all be actively doing!

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