Casement windows

Casement windows – Reasons behind the popularity of these movable windows

Casement windows find some competition from Double-Hung windows that have two sashes sliding from opposite sides vertically. Then you also have the likes of Awning windows, Picture windows, Transom windows and Stationary windows in the market.

Casement windows have continued to remain popular among the masses even when the traditional designs are going out of fashion.

Reasons that add to the popularity of casement windows even today:

Among all popular windows that you come across in the market, casement windows have remained popular due to their hinged sides and attractive designs. Although these windows retain their traditional styles they have lived up to the modern tastes and preferences.  It’s often good to see these windows opening their outside shutters away from the house, while the inner shutter inside the household.

The cam handle, crank and lever are there to help you open the windows as they retain their traditional styles.  You may even utilize it in the form of a lock. When it comes to casement windows, you’ll usually have two windows placed adjacent to each other but you’ll also have the single-window options coming with some of these.

Casement windows were introduced during the 1500s and were the first windows to be placed in American households. Apart from that, this was the first-of-its-kind movable window the claims the title.  These types of windows were introduced in America and Europe during the 1800s. The creation of sash windows had affected their business initially, but they have regained their popularity with time.

Casements have made a real comeback:

Casement windows Sussex have remained popular with both wood and metal framing.  Awning windows are casement windows that have hinges on the top. Resemblances with awnings in the way they open out have been the main reason behind earning such a name.  While counting upon their popularity, casement windows owe much to another form of style that you find in the market – Hooper windows.  The bottom hinges make this form of casement windows a contrast to the awning windows. Imagine a drawbridge, and you’ll know how the Hooper windows open out.

The absence of proper material during the 16th century has been reason enough to develop these windows in smaller sizes. With advancement in time, the manufacturing units got more capital, especially when the cylinder glass was introduced. Thinner and much larger windows were soon to be introduced in the market.  It was then that the sash windows were created and launched once the demand for windows depicting a modern look had increased. It formed a great combination with Cylinder Glass.

It was during the 21st century that the sash windows gained popularity in America. Sash windows come with their share of problems like those concerning their opening mechanism and maintenance. These are the reason why the casement windows in Sussex are indeed making a strong comeback. Be it the UK or the other European countries, the casement windows are the most sought after options in the market.

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