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7 Colourful Ways to give your Kitchen a Modern and Sophisticated Look

The kitchen is the most heavily used room in the house, and is known as the heart of the home, for good reason, as the kitchen is a place for food preparation and dining. Of course, you can always opt for traditional white or timber stain finishes, but if you fancy something with a little more colour, here are some ideas to inspire you to create something unique.

  1. Lacquered Cabinets

Aside from being very durable and clean looking, today’s range of colours allows you to really move away from the traditional pastel shades, with deep reds and crimsons adding texture and life to a dull looking room. If you are in Western Australia, and are looking at kitchen designs in Perth, there are beautiful kitchen designs in Perth by Kitchen Capital WA, an award winning company that specialise in designing and installing top quality kitchens.

  1. Vinyl Flooring

Modern vinyl comes in a tile form for easy installation, and with a range of colours, textures and patterns, you can find the perfect combination to transform your kitchen into a new dimension. Inexpensive and very durable, vinyl comes in faux hardwood or even stone tile finishes, to give your kitchen that distinguished look at a fraction of the cost of granite or hardwood.

  1. Glass backsplashes

A great way to really add a touch of class, or you could use brass, which goes very well with the rustic or Scandinavian look, and with the right choice of work surfaces, your new kitchen will be spacious and very colourful.

  1. Pendant Lighting

There is a wide range of coverings, from stainless steel to fabric, and with LED lighting, you can be more selective about the level, and indeed the quality of the lighting in your kitchen. Overhead lights that can be easily raised or lowered allow for task lighting when required, and it also makes the kitchen look more spacious when the pendant lights are raised.

  1. Customised Cabinets

Ideally, you would have a kitchen design company handle the entire project, and with their wealth of hands-on experience, they can suggest innovative ways to achieve a unique look and feel to your kitchen. The right design will maximise the use of space, and with clean lines, your kitchen will be a pleasure to work in.

  1. Indoor Fabric Blinds

The range of bright colours and patterns will give your kitchen a warm feel, and you will also have fine control over how much light you let into the room. Modern blinds are made to measure, and with expert installation, your screening problems will be a thing of the past.

  1. Floating Shelves

These are all the rage this year, and floating shelves are an attractive alternative to wall mounted cabinets, and they tend to give the room a spacious feel, as there are less enclosed units and more open shelving.

Modern materials allow for a cleaner and more efficient design, and with functionality at the top of the list, your modern kitchen can be a place of practicality and beauty.

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