Making an Old Property Friendlier to the Environment

Today’s best properties are built not only to last and to look great, but also to be very efficient and eco-friendly. The technologies we have today have really transformed the way a house can be efficient in using and managing energy. There are also systems designed to process and manage waste as well as perform other tasks for maximum eco-friendliness.

It is safe to say that building an eco-friendly house is relatively easy. What’s difficult is turning an old property into an energy-efficient, eco-friendly house. Fortunately, the next few tips we are about to discuss in this article will help you get started in no time.

From Old to New

There are certain things you need to do first before you move on to the next steps. Old houses are not built the same way as new properties. There were fewer regulations regarding environment protection back then, so you will still find materials such as lead and asbestos being used in older properties. Removing them should always be your first priority.

There are service providers that specialize in this field, so getting the property thoroughly inspected and spotting potential problems to deal with are very easy to do. You can, for instance, rely on companies that have experts with EPA RRP Lead Certification in the squad to check for lead paint and other lead-based materials around the house.

For these instances, the best – and often only – way to solve the problems is by replacing the hazardous materials with environmentally safe ones. There is a wealth of options on the market too, from budget-friendly replacements to alternatives that can help breathe new life into the old property.

Important Home Improvements

Some home improvements work better at increasing energy efficiency. A more energy efficient house can help you lower your energy bills and improve eco-friendliness at the same time. I recommend checking the windows and doors for leaks and cracks, since they can greatly increase the cost of managing the interior climate of the property. You can also invest in newer windows with double-glazing for better insulation.

Speaking of insulation, checking the walls and making sure the insulating layer still works properly are also great things to do. You don’t have to replace the entire insulation system, mainly because they are designed to last a lifetime. However, fixing tears and leaks can really help bring that energy bill down.

New Technologies

The last step to consider is adding new technologies to the old property. In today’s modern world, this is something you can do without ruining the design lines and classic look of the house. Solar panels, for example, are now designed to mimic traditional shingles and tiles. They can be installed without altering the look of the house.

The same can be said for energy-efficient lighting. LEDs are plug-and-play, so you can replace any light you have around the house. You can even use smarter lights such as Philips Hue to add that extra touch of technology to the retro ambience. You will be making the house even friendlier to the environment in the process.

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