6 Wise Ways to Use Indoor Plants for Home Decor Purpose

Plants form an important part of our cycle of life. From providing us fruits, flowers, and vegetables, to helping us building roof, there is hardly any area left where a plant is not a contributor to a meaningful life.

Some of the plants that can be kept indoors are amazing way of improving the atmosphere of your home and they also provide a lovely home décor idea to you. Buy plants online in Dubai UAE and contribute to a better-looking home. Here are some of the places where you can actually keep the indoor plants and enjoy the beauty.

Indoor Plants

On the bookshelves or cupboard: In our library or drawing room, we often have cupboards and bookshelves that are populated with necessary stuffs. Sometimes, it may look a bit boring with only books or show pieces. Spice up these space with a lively lucky bamboo or bonsai plant. Suddenly, the boring furniture would find a life and it would be a wonderful sight to see.

Kitchen Window Pane

Kitchen window pane: Kitchen is an interesting area from where all the tasty things come up. The window pane of your kitchen area can be brightened with some indoor plants in mason jars. Yes, you can use the small or medium sized mason jars to grow the wonderful herbs like thyme, rosemary, cilantro, basil, or lavender. These would offer a lovely décor and can also be used in your cuisine brilliantly.

Dining table: Dining table is one of the much visited places in home. First of all, it should be clutter-free. Place clean and pastel colored table cloth or table runners and then place a saucer with coffee mug in the middle. Fill this mug with a succulent plant which would dazzle at the middle of the table providing an alluring show. Select a bright red or yellow colored mug for this purpose.

Coffee table décor: Coffee tables are lovelier things to be kept along with bean bags or low floor beds or simply mattresses. Terrariums are one of the innovative things one can get in the world of indoor plants. A sealed or open glass container or jar containing plants and soil is the newest rage nowadays when it comes to bring something green in home. Place the terrariums on your coffee table and enjoy the view.

Indoor Plants as Home Decor

Bathroom décor: Who says you cannot beautify your bathroom? If you have a spacious one, you must place an indoor plant and intensify the beauty. The place close to the wash basin can be sued for keeping a stunning golden or silver colored pot with a snake plant.

Bedroom décor: You must be having a lovely window in your bedroom from where cool breeze comes in to make you fall asleep. Use this area to place a lovely jasmine or gardenia indoor plant in UAE as the fragrance coming out of these flowering plants induces a better sleep and relaxation. You would definitely wake up in a refreshing mood.

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