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Environmental Solutions for Your Big Event

A lot of hard work and dedication goes into running a successful outdoor event, whether you’re planning on attracting a hundred people or several thousand people. They can be a great way to bring communities together, to showcase artistic and musical talent, or to fund raise for a great cause, but whatever the outdoor event is for, it’s sometimes the little things that make the biggest difference. Your aim is to ensure that attendees are comfortable and happy, and that the event is environmentally friendly as well, so with this in mind, here are three on site solutions that should be at the top of your list.

Convenient Shower Trailers

We’ve all seen pictures of huge rock festivals, where revellers are covered in mud; this may be fun when you’re a student, but older or more discerning customers will be looking for a little more refinement and an altogether more hygienic setting. Emergency relief showers are very versatile and high-performance hygiene solutions that can be used for everything from emergency relief scenarios to outdoor events of all sizes. They’re portable, easy to install, come in a range of sizes, and provide hot running water at the touch of a button. For festivals and events that offer overnight camping, especially, they can prove essential.

The Importance of Eco Toilets

Alongside showers, the most important consideration for an overnight or weekend event is the toilet facilities. Get these wrong, and the event can be ruined for those who should be enjoying it. That’s why it’s vital to have enough clean toilet facilities for the anticipated crowd, but it’s also important to ensure that the toilet facilities are environmentally friendly too. A number of companies across the United States hire eco toilets that have been specifically designed for events and festivals; these are designed to provide a perfect lavatory experience while using much less water for the flush and without the need for paper towels. This can add up to a far greener toilet solution, which is sure to be appreciated if your event has an environmental theme or message.

Encouraging Recycling and Sustainability

We all have a duty to recycle as much as we possibly can, and thankfully an increasing number of people today are recycling materials, from tin to glass and paper, that they would previously have thrown away. Holding an outdoor event or festival is a great way to spread the recycling message, so it goes without saying of course that there should be a number of recycling stations available throughout the event area. With plastic pollution a major environmental concern at the moment, and finally gaining the media attention it deserves, it’s also a good idea to encourage vendors not to use or sell single use plastic items.

Outdoor events should always be great fun for everyone who visits them, but that doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to cause environmental damage. By using eco toilets and showers, and with an emphasis placed upon recycling and tidying the site before leaving, a great event can be a green event as well.

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