How to know if an Area has Great Future Prospects when Buying Your First Home or Property

Finding the right home is just the tip of the iceberg – if you have decided to buy your own piece of paradise, it’s a good idea to make sure that the area where your home is located has good prospects for the future as well. You may not be thinking about it right now, but there may come a time when you will decide to sell your home for some reason or other, and you’ll want to get the best price for it. Also, if an area has great prospects, you have a better chance of having a good quality of life. Here’s how to know if an area has great future prospects when buying your first home or property.

What to look for: 

  • One tell-tale sign which can show that a particular area is on the rise is the popularity of towns or neighbourhoods If the area you are interested in is next to a thriving and popular town, it could give you a good deal because there may be more people moving to your location just because it is near an area which is already a big draw.
  • You could also look for an area which has plenty of new builds or building projects, as this could be a sign that your property could increase in value in the future. But be warned: too many developments in an area could flood the property market, which may result in lower property values as well.
  • Look at who resides in the area. Is the area popular with families, young couples or newlyweds, or seniors? The residents living in an area could have an influence on who will live there in the future and the kinds of properties which may be in demand. For instance, if you are in an area with more families, a three-bedroom home may be more valuable in the future than a one- or two-bedroom flat.
  • Check out the local plans for the area as well, as advised by mortgage experts from For example, if the local authority is planning some future schools, shopping centres, or supermarkets, these could boost the value of your property, but if an industrial park is in the works, this could result in a lower value. The same is true if the local council is planning to regenerate or rebuild a town centre; a project like this may give a boost to the economy of the area and result in a rise in property prices when the time comes.
  • You should also check if there will be new network connections or tram or train stations, or important road networks being built in the area – this could be a sign of progress as long as the transport hubs or links will not add additional traffic or noise.
  • Other aspects can make a difference as well, such as new cafes, shops, and restaurants, as well as signs of construction from residents (such as scaffolding) which could be a sign that the residents are investing in their own properties too, and they can afford to do so.



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