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Want to go Solar? Start with your Air Conditioner

The prospect of clean, renewable energy, capable of not only free energy, but enough to make a profit from, can be exciting. Solar energy is an investment that will certainly pay for itself in time. However, not everyone can afford such an investment straight away. Or perhaps you’re skeptical, and want to evaluate how you […]

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How Kings Cross Central Development is saving major amounts of energy

The 2014 project at Kings Cross central department was featured in Sustania’s top 100 innovative projects from around the world. Sustania is the global collaborative platform that communicates a sustainable future. They explore the sustainable society of tomorrow and the future. So what I hear you ask gave Kings Cross top 100 innovative project status? […]


How Buildings Can Become More Energy Efficient

Studies show that buildings account for about 30-35% of the energy consumption in the country. Systems for cooling and heating utilize 60% of this energy while appliances and lights account for 40%. If you own or manage a building, you can really benefit from the expertise of an energy consultant to help you come up […]

Pool heaters to enjoy swimming all year

Pool heaters to enjoy swimming all year

The pool heaters in use to extend for longer season of swimming after the arrival of winter. When used pool heater, you can adjust the water temperature to almost any temperature to comfortably enjoy the pool. Only during the time of temperature quality can be obtained directly from the sun’s heat to heat water, when […]

Two inventions that could revolutionize solar energy

If the future is not surprising with disruptive technologies, those that change everything in the production of green energy, solar has a great future. Especially if we continue reaping inventions like these, that they improve their efficiency in a way unthinkable to do anything. The first one points to the stars. Not only because it […]

Types of Water Heaters for Home

It is very difficult to say which is the best water heater. There are none better, but different products that can meet the specific needs of each user, with reasonable variations in consumption, capacity, dimensions and practicality, among other variables. To assist in the choice of your heating system, we will explain a little of […]

What is energy efficiency?

As with other productive resources, efficiency in the field of energy refers to the relationship between results and resources, energy in this case, used to achieve them. In macroeconomic terms, the energy efficiency is analyzed through the concept of energy intensity, calculated as the ratio between the energy consumption of an economy and its gross […]