Pool heaters to enjoy swimming all year

Pool heaters to enjoy swimming all year

The pool heaters in use to extend for longer season of swimming after the arrival of winter. When used pool heater, you can adjust the water temperature to almost any temperature to comfortably enjoy the pool. Only during the time of temperature quality can be obtained directly from the sun’s heat to heat water, when […]

Ecological bricks

Ecological bricks: what they are types and advantages

Ecological bricks are a key element in green architecture. However, the term brings together different types of materials and their benefits can also be very different. Despite their differences, they all have in common a number of advantages to environmental or sustainability level. In this post we will make a brief and simple introduction to […]

Turn your garden into a paradise of biodiversity

Turn your garden into a paradise of biodiversity

Halting the loss of biodiversity is one of the most valuable eco-friendly features that can meet the gardens. If they designed properly maintained and become true refuges for flora and fauna. But not only that, because if we do need both public parks and private gardens will become pockets of wildlife that serve as a […]

Tips for a greener Christmas

Tips for a greener Christmas

If we put the glasses of environmental respect, the holidays are synonymous with consumerism, waste and pollution. Yes, it is true, there is also joy, unforgettable moments and sensations that gives us wonderful magical atmosphere. But perhaps greener Christmas cap would prevent us to live them? We are convinced that at all. On the contrary, […]

Two inventions that could revolutionize solar energy

If the future is not surprising with disruptive technologies, those that change everything in the production of green energy, solar has a great future. Especially if we continue reaping inventions like these, that they improve their efficiency in a way unthinkable to do anything. The first one points to the stars. Not only because it […]

Ecological Christmas Decoration

Christmas time comes, and with it, the decorations to dress the home of magic and illusion, while we give a welcoming aspect. This year we propose a different decor: a way to make more “green” your Christmas. You can forget to add the tinsel and colored lights for Christmas shopping list and to bring home […]

The ecological footprint, a sustainability indicator

The ecological footprint is the environmental impact caused by humans over nature. Although all living beings on the planet need nutrients, energy and water to live, the term is used to indicate the amount of resources used by humans variably. It varies depending on the lifestyle of each person, and we also found very different […]

Types of Water Heaters for Home

It is very difficult to say which is the best water heater. There are none better, but different products that can meet the specific needs of each user, with reasonable variations in consumption, capacity, dimensions and practicality, among other variables. To assist in the choice of your heating system, we will explain a little of […]