Types of Water Heaters for Home

It is very difficult to say which is the best water heater. There are none better, but different products that can meet the specific needs of each user, with reasonable variations in consumption, capacity, dimensions and practicality, among other variables. To assist in the choice of your heating system, we will explain a little of […]

Sustainable Architecture – Some important considerations

The environmental sensitivity and commitment to sustainability have gained an important role in the world, is today a growing social demand and business case for all types of products. This added value of sales has prompted developers and engineers to use the adjective ecological or sustainable in a building by simply having placed solar panels […]

5 Modern Trends in kitchen design

The kitchens of the past functioned largely as utilitarian spaces whose only purpose was to prepare meals. These days however, the kitchen has become the center of the house where the design of these is as important as the act of cooking them. Over the years, the designers have been able to optimize the functioning […]

Foundation piles Construction

The piles are point-type construction elements used for deep foundations in construction sites, which allow the transmission of loads from the structure to deeper soil layers have sufficient load capacity to support them. The piles transmit loads to ground receiving structure through a combination of lateral friction or shaft resistance and penetration resistance or resistance […]

Garden Design – Ideas and Suggestions

Garden Design – turn your yard into a beautiful garden. Everyone loves gardens and green areas especially when they have a good design. The gardens they are a relaxing place to be and there’s something about them that calms the mind and spirit. Apart from the large public gardens that every city has, most people […]

What is energy efficiency?

As with other productive resources, efficiency in the field of energy refers to the relationship between results and resources, energy in this case, used to achieve them. In macroeconomic terms, the energy efficiency is analyzed through the concept of energy intensity, calculated as the ratio between the energy consumption of an economy and its gross […]

What is green energy?

Increasingly frequent use of the term green electricity, which immediately we associate with renewable energy, with more consumers aware of sustainability and environmental care. Throughout the European Community, and therefore also in Spain, there is a mechanism called Guarantees of Origin System and Labelling of Electricity for which an official regulatory body in Spain the […]