Three curious inventions to curb climate change

Three curious inventions to curb climate change

Finding a solution to climate change is not just a matter of reducing emissions. While it is necessary to limit them, most likely insufficient. To prevent global temperatures from rising more than two degrees famous turn of the century is necessary carbon capture one way or another. But, how? The answers given geo-engineering and other […]

Cop21: Historic agreement in Paris to curb climate change

They have two eternal decades been necessary for the world to decide to unite against climate change: from the first climate summit in 1995, held in Berlin (COP1) to the Paris meeting (cop21), which has just ended with a historic pact. Although breathed optimism, uncertainty has marked the nearly two weeks of intense negotiations to […]

Renewable energy, a key element in the fight against climate change

After the Paris Summit (cop21), almost all of the participating countries have turned their eyes to renewable energy as a key player in the new global landscape of energy sustainability. We know that more than two thirds of global emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) are due to the energy sector. The International Renewable Energy Agency […]